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Artificial Turf Installation Around A Pool in Phoenix AZ

Artificial turf is an extremely popular and low-maintenance choice for many people. In fact, this type of turf is so versatile that it can be used in a variety of areas, from large lawns to smaller areas near saltwater pools and landscaping. An artificial turf is a great option for homeowners in Phoenix, AZ who want low-maintenance and beautiful landscapes. However, artificial turf is not for everyone, and it is best to discuss your options with our artificial turf installers to see if it is the best option for your home. If you're planning on installing a pool around your backyard, you may be wondering what types of grass are suitable. Luckily, artificial turf is a viable option that is more durable than dead grass. In addition, it drains properly and is slip-free. For all these reasons, many pool owners choose artificial turf as the best option. Now, why artificial turf is a better choice for pools than dead grass?


To keep the landscape surrounding your pool as safe as possible, you'll want to install an artificial turf around it. Artificial turfs are not only a safe walkway, but also provide a place to sit and lounge. They protect landscaping from the water and soil around your pool. Phoenix requires a four-foot walkway around a pool.

Safer For Kids

Having turf around a swimming pool in Phoenix, AZ is a great way to protect your family. Stone and concrete are extremely slippery when wet, making them a huge safety risk. Kids know not to run around the pool, but accidents can happen any time, even for the most cautious of individuals. Artificial grass can prevent accidents and minimize the number of slips and falls by cushioning the fall. The grass is also much safer than concrete.


While it can be tempting to install natural grass around your pool, artificial turf is better for this area because it won't succumb to high foot traffic and remains aesthetically pleasing. It's also less likely to succumb to heat as natural grass does, and it will not become sick. And it will add value to your property. 

There are two main concerns when installing artificial turf around your pool in Phoenix, AZ. First, the life expectancy of artificial turf is unknown. Some companies claim a lifespan of fifteen years, while critics estimate it to be closer to eight. This is because Arizona's sun can ruin plastics and rubber. As technology improves and design becomes more efficient, the life expectancy of synthetic turf is sure to increase.

Consequently,, check the type of backing. You want a turf with a polyurethane backing so that it won't expand or contract. This type is better for areas with fluctuating temperatures, as it won't experience shrinkage. But keep in mind that latex backing will shrink a few millimeters. Therefore, a polyurethane backing is recommended in areas subject to high temperatures.

Provides a Year-Round Ambience

Adding artificial turf to your landscaping around a pool can provide a year-round ambiance for your pool. While pools may not see much use during the colder months, many people continue to utilize their outdoor spaces throughout the year. Adding synthetic turf can also be used with a pool cover to provide year-round protection from the elements. In the winter, synthetic turf can look fantastic. Likewise, if you're worried about getting snow in December, synthetic turf is the answer to your problem.

Is Artificial Turf Good Around Pools?

An artificial turf installation around your pool will give you the perfect landscape to relax in year-round. Aside from being non-slip, this surface will also allow water to drain easily through the drainage base. This turf will require very little maintenance and requires only occasional rinsing with water. You can easily sweep, blow, or sweep away stains and debris without damaging the grass. Therefore, we at Phoenix Artificial Turf For Pets have extensive experience installing artificial turf in different locations. That's why we will be able to install synthetic turf around pools. The quality of the installation is essential to the longevity of your turf. We will guide you through the process and help you make the best decision based on your budget. We can even provide you with an estimate so you can choose the right artificial grass for your needs.

Artificial turf will not fade, or break down in extreme summer heat, unlike natural grass. Additionally, it won't get damaged by pets or other elements. Artificial turf can last for several years without needing to be reseeded. This grass won't need to be replaced often, and you can use natural cleaning solutions to clean up pet waste. It will stay in shape better than natural grass, which is a big advantage if you have a larger yard. If you are considering installing artificial turf around your pool, make sure you choose the right material for the job. There are three main types of artificial turf: polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and is best suited for certain environments. You should choose the material according to your budget and your needs. A polypropylene turf installation can cost as low as $2 per square foot, while the nylon version can cost as much as $6 per square foot.

When choosing the best material for your artificial lawn, make sure to look for UV-stabilized options. This type of turf can be used near pools, and it doesn't absorb the smell. However, it is not recommended for areas that are subject to extreme temperatures, since it won't withstand the intense heat. You can buy these products for less than $5 per square foot and get the desired look and performance. If you live in Phoenix, AZ, and are planning to install artificial grass around a swimming pool, contact us today!

Excellent Drainage

Before you begin your pool project, it's important to ensure that the area around your inground swimming pool drains completely. This is an important step since it will help you avoid flooding. Depending on the area where your pool is located, the process may take anywhere from eight to ten hours. If you're planning to drain the entire pool, you can even call your utility company to help you save money.

Aside from draining the water properly, it's important to also remember that it is illegal to discharge water from your pool into the street. The Clean Water Act makes it illegal to discharge water from your pool into streets, ditches, or rivers without a permit. A violation of this law can lead to fines up to $2,500 and even jail time. You can also serve up to three years of probation if you are found guilty of violating the city's rules.

When it comes to maintaining your pool, it is important to remember that Arizona water travels long distances to reach your home. This means that it is often the toughest water in the country, which can easily clog a decorative pool. Therefore, it's important to drain your pool regularly to eliminate hard water and calcium buildup. You can save money and energy by having regular maintenance checks for your pool. This way, you can avoid having to drain it completely and get rid of calcium and other harmful chemicals.


Creating a lush turf area around a pool can be cost-effective. However, it can become a liability when critters begin to burrow up through it. To avoid this, install metal mesh between the base layers and turf. Installers call this "gopher guard" and it added a few thousand dollars to Harry's bid. Fortunately, the expense was well worth it. Unlike other surfaces, turf doesn't retain heat as easily and doesn't break down like carpet does when wet. It also won't attract ants and other unwanted pests. This makes it a great choice for homeowners looking to keep their pools safe. Also, it reduces dirt and mud. Furthermore, synthetic grass has no breakable pieces or sharp edges, which means it is safe to walk on.

If you're considering installing a pool in Phoenix, AZ, artificial grass might be the best option. Artificial turf can add an aesthetic appeal to your landscape without the need for extensive lawn maintenance. Artificial turf has several benefits that you should consider. Besides being cost-effective, artificial turf will also make your backyard look stunning. In fact, it is better than a real grass lawn! You'll save money and time by using artificial turf around your pool. Investing in artificial grass for the pool is a great way to add value to your property and make it look great. This type of turf is very durable and will last a long time. Unlike real grass, fake grass won't get sick or deteriorate in high-traffic areas. It can also be used for special projects and is easy to clean. Most products are made from non-toxic materials, making them safe for use around a swimming pool.

The cost of artificial turf installation can vary based on the type of grass and the surrounding landscaping. W-shaped blades are the most durable and heat-resistant, while S-shaped blades are the softest underfoot. The cost of installation also depends on where you want to place the artificial turf. It may need to be installed on a rooftop or in concrete locations, where more specialized materials may be needed. If you're installing the turf on a concrete surface, you'll need a base material to make it durable. Landscape fabric and decomposed granite can be used to create a durable base. These materials cost $0.30 to 70 per square foot.

If you're installing artificial turf around a pool in Phoenix, AZ, there are three types of turf that will affect the cost. Nylon is the most durable, while polypropylene is the least expensive. Nylon is lighter, more resistant to heat, and can last for years. It is a good choice for pool areas because it is soft and resistant to stains. Nylon artificial turf costs $2.50 to $6 per square foot and is ideal for areas where high foot traffic occurs. Overall, putting artificial grass around a swimming pool is a great idea for many reasons. This type of turf is non-slip and completely drains. This means that there are no puddles or mud left on your lawn after a pool party. Plus, kids won't track dirt and wet grass into your home! Plus, you'll never have to worry about the grass dying from the chemicals in the pool.

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