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While you may be tempted to cut the grass every day, it will eventually fade and die. By installing artificial grass, you will be able to enjoy a lush, green lawn for less money. Artificial turf is available in 15-foot widths, which means that a 20-foot x 14-foot area will cost as much as a 20' x 15' area. The grass must match up in the direction and have the same "grain" as the rest of the yard. Our artificial turf services in Phoenix, AZ will be happy to help you with the installation. And remember, all labor and materials are included in our prices.

Eventually, you can increase the value of your property by installing artificial turf. In addition to increasing the curb appeal, it also reduces the amount of maintenance you have to spend on maintaining the yard. Whether you want to replace your existing grass with a newer, more durable, and more affordable option, contact Phoenix Artificial Turf for Pets today!

After the turf has been installed, our experienced team of artificial turf installers will apply a weed barrier to prevent the regrowth of grass vegetation underneath. A weed barrier is a temporary solution that eliminates the need to cut or fit grass vegetation beneath the turf. A weed barrier prevents the regrowth of grass vegetation underneath your turf. This prevents weeds and other plants from growing underneath the base of the turf.

Using an artificial turf lawn can dramatically cut your water bill. Arizona is a desert state, with an average of 12inches of rain annually. This is simply not possible for a grass lawn to grow in this environment. It's also difficult to maintain a lawn made of real grass in Phoenix, AZ. Arizona's four deserts produce a climate that makes it impossible to grow real grass in the area. Additionally, Arizona uses approximately seven million acre-feet of water per year, which means that it takes a ton of water to produce the necessary amount of grass.

Many Arizonans use an outdoor putting green as part of their backyard entertainment. These putting greens add character to any outdoor area and are much more convenient than a traditional golf course. They are custom-made to fit your backyard and may even feature several holes and sand traps. Artificial putting greens require no upkeep and provide year-round enjoyment for any golf enthusiast. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact our artificial turf services in Phoenix, AZ for the installation of your artificial grass anywhere you wish. We offer free consultations and estimates for your project. We look forward to serving you! Our team will respond promptly to your request. Our goal is to make your outdoor space look as good as possible.

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Artificial grass is an excellent way to improve your yard's appearance. And the good news is Phoenix Artificial Turf for Pets can provide you with top-quality artificial turf installation. We have extensive knowledge of the latest installation techniques. That's why you can trust us to do a quality job with no mistakes. We also use only high-quality products for your yard. For more information, contact us today!

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